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Being a Kabbalist
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to call oneself a kabbalist is to err, as in this world we practice mortality that has a beginning and an end. For one to ponder the depths of revelations of metaphors are to ascend from exile of which all are a part . Into the depths of corporality of chaos do we contemplate our escape from the illusion called death. From the sleep you have become to arriving in the world of actions called making your purpose manifest. As all seek to return to Gan Eden and the consciousness that exists forever, we unite to the eternal totality of a metaverse in which we are part of called: spirituality or belonging to the Devine consciousness of its creation, in which we are small part. So, it mentions: man is a small world: where no time exists, nor its purpose but to exist collectively in a realm of consciousness we believe in. We are passerby's here to the world to come. Enjoy the ride and its moments as you were blessed with actualization of feelings to make discernments of yes and no. HaShem (eternal universe) knows the beginning and the end and does not change, yet gives us a perspective of His perception which is His consciousness, a place called soul, that which has no weight, nor color nor understanding its destiny. To call ourselves ‘freedom’, only allows us to become closer to the ultimate purpose, belonging to Oneness.

1. Being a kabbalist means just the same thing as being anybody else - a specific experience makes one a adult person of regular human world, another specific experience make one a kabbalist. The details of that experience may greatly differ, but the fact remains the same and there is nothing more to it, than having specific experience in one's life, that makes him one or another.

2. In case of kabbalist, that specific experience is this or that practice of building a specific Kli (practical tool, ability and habit) in cooperation with some group of similar-minded and aimed in their lives people. This group is not like any unions and companies of regular world. They aim themselves to significantly different goals and they reach that goals in very special manner. Their association is more alike the day-by-day persistent efforts to overcome each one's habitual inertia of regular world's routines and conventions. To make a step away from silent majority of people, who's main idea is not to change anything in their lives, if only they cannot suffer it any more at all.

3. The Kabbalist's in Kli aim themselves to the strictly opposite practical principle. They aim to change anything they can change, even if its sense it is a change as such, and nothing else that someone gains from it. By the point of view of regular world "adult" normal logic, this can be quite strange and nonsense. This approach is in fact exactly the opposite to what some one being an adult reasonable person will think, pursuit or do. But the changes, much likely more senseless and forced, nonetheless reach any of that "reasonable persons" in anyway, which they will call "accidental circumstances", the "fate", or even will not call it at all, just try to evade what they can to minimize their loss because of it, caused to their habits of wishing for by all means change nothing.

4. If a man or woman arrives to apply themselves to the group practice of uniting at the principles of kabbalistic Kli, aiming for each one of participant's individual self-fulfillment, both as a personal of regular world, and a spiritual world's disciple, which life and fate used to purport something that can be exactly formulated and reached for practically, which is not an option of regular silent majority's habits and respectable norm, this man or woman will soon reach some accumulated amount of above mentioned specific experience, when this amount can become quality of their regular world's perception and their new normal awareness will rise to what we call spiritual vision or the second attention, or spiritual awakened attention, or, maybe, "masach above their common will to perceive".

5. At that practically attainable point one will undoubtedly uncover, that a thing most people, just like themselves just a few weeks earlier, used to call "accidental circumstances", which inevitably happen with anyone who tends not to change in their life anything, and that will continue to happen and happen further and further, up to the point of one's physical extermination, is in fact a clear manifestation of principle of some universal existence, that remains concealed to those, who's everyday intentions are in exact opposition to its vector. They may call that all-embracing Force "Intent of the Spirit", or just Intent for being short. They discover that that Force, which is in many ways similar to a flow of immitigable turbulent waters of vast mountain river, or gusts of squally north wind, has its Own reason and consciousness which are unattainably superior to those which whatever human being is acquainted or even could in any possible future be.

To be continued : ))

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Ядро Звезды » Первоисточники (тексты и обсуждения) » Путь Восходящей Звезды » Articles in english » Being a Kabbalist (Q and A in the FB Kli Bnei Adam)
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