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Rose within the Thorns. Sketch 1
КиберсынДата: Понедельник, 22/02/21, 21:19:39 | Сообщение # 1

Hi all, this will be my first attempt to write sketches in english, which is not my native and with which I do not have any real practice at all. Given said this, I present the result "as is" to the favorable judgment of the reader. Only together, We are THE FORCE!


1. Zohar article "Rose", very first article of the Book in general, explaining to us the basic Rule of how we should use our Kli, based on direct understanding and feeling by this world's life and experience, and the other Kli, which is the kind of "CEO" Highest spiritual Instance, administrating, fulfilling and possessing all of each of one's everyday regular life and fate, and everything that it implies without possibility of any doubt as 'real facts and circumstances given by common senses, independent of one's will and knowing' etc.

2. The two Kli (practical spiritual experience instances and levels, as well as vessel, containing the 'mochin' - a kind of human person's 'firmware', determining all that may be in any way connected in- and out- with this person in the slightest details) are used to contain the same exactly 'form and quality' of what they are in actual fact, as some call it "fact of energy". This exact identity is not a subject for thinking about it and making some prospective use of it, as one's outer mind accustomed to strive to develop.

3. This deep essential mutual relation, that mediates equivalence between the picture of a dream we draw by common senses and forced to believe in its exceptional right to be addressed as in fact the only real reality of outer world of objects and bodies, which are driven by 'blind physical forces and absolute randomly circumstances, which cannot be in any possible adequate case related as a collective people mirage dream which is fully driven from some hypothetical covert instance, which cannot be observed by one's experience and/or artificial tools, by its very definition' and so on and so forth in that style. And the Real World instance and unified executive and managing Will, that operates all the human persons living-in-dreaming 'separate', in their own feelings and mind, 'lower ones' instances as a One Man with One Heart, meaning one Source and the only real Reason of any feelings that make each of that person's dreams so undeniably real in its experience 'here and how'.

4. The above mentioned reality of being in dreaming, - which is the real actual position for each and every of human beings, not depending on their 'level of spiritual ascension', or of anything else, just as a fact that they BE individuals with perception and experiencing of having independent will and reality - in fact is constructed with two independent levels of reality aspects, or parts of every moment's obtaining regular life feeling and knowing experience, which are almost never considered as possibly being two different parts by a man in the common life process, but are consequently becoming to be, by those who practice this or another authentic method of personal spiritual Path and aim themselves to reach and reveal Upper Reality, as well as their own purpose of being born in this world, meaning to start consciously participate in its reaching in practical way. In particular, when their Way is Path of delivering pleasure to the Maker, Holy Blessed He, which is the Art of experiencing what is concealed, Kabbalah.

5. The previously revealed equalness between what we have before us every day without special efforts and learning, and what we attend to reach out by the whole of our Life and Path to please the Holy Blessed Maker, by entering state, as one whole spiritual body and soul, of 'mutual spiritual responsibility', repair alleged flaw that is used to treat as persistent in that body at the state we here and now are, is created by Maker purposefully for us to be able, - by accustoming with His blessed Spiritual world Vessels, such as Torah and its Mitzvot, provided in form which is appropriate for contemporary world and one man's practical understanding and intentionally performing by 'faith above reason' (which I would more precisely refer to as 'knowing in opposite' to what one's mind is accustomed), - to set one Kli exactly in opposite to another, one of which a man calls 'this world, reason and senses', and the other he does not call by Name at this moment at all, if not counting the names which are false and lie, because with they his real senses and mind are not experienced, which means that the source of the visage a man draws in mind when he calls them by that names, is inverted mind form, provided for him by other human person, without any difference how why and when, because a reflection of a reflection of Light can only become bad infinity between their mirroring surfaces, and never can point at the real world object, which initially cast them off before reflecting in first man's thought mirroring surface.

Nicht verstanden?

Music reflecting the underlying intent:

Ядро Звезды » Первоисточники (тексты и обсуждения) » Путь Восходящей Звезды » Articles in english » Rose within the Thorns. Sketch 1 (This will be my first attempt to write sketches in english)
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